Patient Centered Approach to Healthcare

Health Outcomes Group are specialists in knowing how to communicate with individuals who have health problems (both patients and those who are not under the care of a health professional). We are experts in the translation and linguistic validation of patient reported outcomes (PROs) instruments for use in multinational clinical trials. In addition to the controlled environment of clinical trials required by regulatory authorities, we provide you with the health outcomes that are necessary to:  effectively communicate with patients, meet the needs of the medical community and to demonstrate that your products offer value for money.

Patient's Perspective

The patient's voice in healthcare is intensifying. Patients everywhere are demanding to participate with care givers in making shared decisions to choose their treatment and to know the costs of alternatives.


Value for Money

Value-based assessments are now necessary to gain market access and reimbursement in many countries.  We can help you to evaluate the appropriate outcomes and make the comparisons to demonstrate the value of your product.


Clinical Perspective

The role of physicians as a caregiver, unconscious to price, is changing.  Rising costs of healthcare and the controls from the payers have placed physicians under greater pressure to provide better care to more people at a lower cost.

A Partner You Can Trust

Health Outcomes Group’s PROServices™ team is able to react quickly to meet your objectives and deliver a high quality product with personalized service. Health Outcomes Group is cognizant of your needs and is able to deliver integrated results that will work on your systems.

Fast and Flexible

We understand that your needs often change as
the environment changes. Because of our flexibility we are able to rapidly adjust to your new priorities.

Health Outcomes Group is able to complete a full translation and linguistic validation for most PRO instruments in three weeks, anywhere in the world.

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