Leaders in Patient-Centered Communications

Health Outcomes Group has always understood the necessity of having a global outlook on problems and
in providing innovative, practical solutions.

We have worked in many therapeutic areas in every continent of the world and in more than 80 major languages.  During the past 29 years we have cultivated numerous global relationships that have grown and strengthened through participation in many projects. These relationships are part of the benefits you receive by working together with Health Outcomes Group.

Our focus is being patient centered, beginning by respecting patients needs, preferences and values as individuals.  We involve patients by educating and providing them with information in a simple format
that they and the general public can easily understand.

Simple measures of health outcomes should help guide caregivers in treating patients.  The same measures of health outcomes also need to inform patients and policy makers how well treatment is achieving it's goals.




Health Outcomes Group was founded in 1987
by David Himmelberger, focusing on the evaluation of health outcomes.


Created a PRO questionnaire for women struggling with the changes of life from menopause.


Created the first PRO questionnaire for erectile dysfunction for both men and their partner.


Participated in the first clinical trial using a handhead electronic device to collect patient outcomes data from diabetics in Argentina.


Characterized patient outcomes for people
with herpes zoster to plan a clinical trial with
more than 35,000 patients.


Developed the Merit Method, a statistical methodology of how to select good questions.


Member of the ISPOR Task Force that created
the Guidelines for the Translation and Cultural Adaptation Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) Measures that is the industry standard today.


Developed method to evaluate reading speed
and near vision acuity for patients with macular degeneration, and implemented it in 25 languages.


Developed educational materials to help promote  good nutrition to reduce the risk
of obesity in 12 major languages for India.


Developed educational modules in print and
video format to inform people about depression and smoking cessation.

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