Some of Our Projects


We have translated the WOMAC,
the gold standard questionnaire to evaluate patient outcomes for osteoarthritis, into more than 80 languages. The WOMAC is available
in VA, Likert and NRS formats.

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We have translated questionnaires and diaries for adults and children with asthma that have been implemented in both portable electronic devices and in traditional paper booklets. 

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Rheumatoid arthritis

We have translated the HAQ, the gold standard for disability for rheumatoid arthritis, into more than 80 languages. The CHAQ is also available to evaluate disability in children. 

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Alzheimer's Disease

The economic and social burden of Alzheimer's disease is growing rapidly. Health Outcomes Group is experienced in working with these individuals and other populations with special needs.

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Obesity and Healthy Living

We have worked on obesity in many countries, including in 12 languages throughout India. We have also created a new PRO questionnaire for obesity interventions that has been used in multinational clinical trials.

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Macular Degeneration

We developed new methods to evaluate reading speed and near distance acuity, outcomes that are more relevant to patients than the standard test of distance visual acuity.

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