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Translation and Linguistic Validation of PROs

We can complete a translation and linguistic validation of most PROs in three weeks, anywhere in the world.

Epidemiology Studies and Statistical Analysis

Identifying effects of a disease on populations by measuring patient outcomes, direct & indirect costs and traditional epidemiologic endpoints.

Psychometric Validation
of PRO Questionnaires

Evaluating the performance characteristics of a PRO instrument to evaluate its utility to detect meaningful differences in outcomes.


and Focus Groups

Provide insights from
patients about their disease and reactions to products.  Available in any language.

Create and Produce Educational Materials

Creating and producing multilingual educational materials in a language and format that the average person can understand.

   of Health Outcomes

We develop simple, easy to use measures of health outcomes that are meaningful to physicians, care givers and patients.

PRO Questionnaires

Global development of disease-speciific PRO questionnaires for patients in multiple cultures.

Establishing the Value
of Medical Products

Evaulating a treatment's effect on patient outcomes and costs, to establish pricing and reimbursement relative to alternatives.

  Using Outcomes Data
  to Guide Treatment

Providing outcomes data in a
simple format to both patients
and physicians that describes
how well treatments are
working or not working.

Therapeutic Areas   See our therapeutic areas of expertise

Health Outcomes Group is not deterred by difficult problems


You are probably faced with problems that appear to be insurmontable and unsolvable. These challenges typically do not fit within your existing systems and are not ameniable to routine methods. Solutions to difficult problems are not obvious. Careful analysis is required to develop a clear understanding of the complex issues that are the basis of each unique problem. Health Outcomes Group has the analytical capabilities and the vision to provide practical solutions that can be easily implemented.

             David Himmelberger
             Founder and President

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